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Screws, Fixings & Sealants

Varley’s stock wood screws, dry wall screws, collated screws and much more

• Drywall screws in either fine thread loose screws, for fixing boards to wooden or steel studding.

• Coarse thread loose screws, suitable for fixing boarding to wood.

• Self-drilling wafer head screws, suitable for fixing metal to metal.

• All screws supplied in Phillips, hardened, phosphate and recessed head types.

• Collated screws in zinc, used for metal frame systems.

• Coarse thread screws, most suitable for timber.

• Stainless steel screws, lengths from 16mm to 70mm.

We supply insulation fixings:

• HECO Topix countersunk construction screws, for structural timber fixing, have a countersunk head and yellow zinc coating. Pre-drilling is not required in most timbers.

• Insulation fixing washers, perfect for fixing insulation rafters or wooden studding. Compatible with 3.5 gauge to 5 gauge screws.