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Fire Protection

Domestic and commercial properties can benefit from several different forms of fire protection aside from the obvious fire extinguisher and blanket.

• Preventative measures like fireproof paint can dramatically reduce the risk of a fire spreading beyond the room; as standard domestic paint can be highly flammable.

• Plasterboard is flammable too, but coating it with fireproof paints can protect it from damage. Fire resistant plasterboard can also be used, which appears no different from standard.

• Fireproof sealant can also help stop the spread of fire, as it stops flames from breaking through small holes in surfaces.

• Fire curtains can also be purchased from many online and specialist stores to stop the spread of flames for around 30 minutes, which could be a lifesaver.

• Fire proof mortar can withstand fire temperatures for long periods of time, meaning that a building is less likely to suffer much structural damage from a fire.