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Timber Boards

Weyroc Protect Flooring Board for indoor or outdoor applications, boarding-up or building projects, is a strong chipboard with a fully sealed surface.

• National House Building Council recommended specification.

• ‘Tongue-and-groove’ edges for rapid secure installation either in new build, boarding-up or building projects.

• Weyroc offers a maximum of 42 days protection against the elements during ongoing work, without tarpaulins or additional sealants.

• No need for joint sealing tape.

• Weyroc is also fire resistant and has anti-slip technology for a safe walking surface.

Oriented Standard Board - timber or ‘Sterling’ board is used in construction for load bearing applications such as sheathing in walls due to it being manufactured with high mechanical properties.

• Commonly used as flooring, roof decking and for portable buildings.

• Viable alternative to plywood and has almost limitless uses.

• Manufactured by bonding together compressed, rectangular wooden strips with wax and synthetic resin, the strength of this material comes from the lack of any air space between layers.

• Oriented Standard Board can withstand greater force that conventional, milled wood.

• In humid conditions use Oriented Standard Board 3 as defined in ENG 300 for moisture resistance.


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