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As suppliers to the Construction Industry we will remain open as normal for all Trade and Public enquiries. Open Monday – Friday, 7.30am – 5pm. Saturday and Sunday we will be Closed.
Deliveries will be running as normal subject to Stock and availability throughout Lockdown.

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Solid wall

Whatever your solid wall insulation needs, whether it is foil, bubble foil, plasterboard or mineral wool, the SF19 Superfoil insulation is the best value in the UK:

• 19 layers of reflective foil including separation layers of thermo foam and reflects unwanted heat from the sun in summer, whilst it enhances insulation in winter.
• Has air barrier properties and controls air movement.
• Superfoil SF19 is easier to install, cut, handle and seal than competitive building insulation
• Lasts over 50 years without losing performance from dust, drafts, osmosis and pests.
• Can be used with any other type of insulation, including polyurethane board or mineral wool, so extending the life of that insulation.
• Ideal for using in roof structures and walls in renovation projects and new builds.
• Made using 40% recycled material and when no longer useful can be recycled.

Airtec double bubble foil insulation is an excellent insulation material that works by trapping air inside itself, creating air spaces that have low emissivity that enhances its overall thermal function.

• Multi-layered bubble film with aluminium bonded to one or both faces giving it durability and resistance to corrosion.
• Fully waterproof.

Multi-purpose XPS insulated plasterboard offers a 600% improvement in insulation standards over standard plasterboard

• Laminated to extruded polystyrene.

Earthwool RS45 Slab is a flexible, non-combustible, multi-purpose, slab of rock mineral wool

• Designed specifically for being installed through friction fitting.
• It is used typically for the acoustic and thermal insulation of metal and timber stud partitions, suspended timber floors and timber frame walls.

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