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Timber Floor

Fibre batts can be very efficient when insulating floors.

• Thermal and acoustic properties of this insulation method make it ideal for an apartment above ground floor level.
• This may take too much out of the room because the timber floor will need to be installed above the batts.

Eco-Versal insulation, manufactured by Ecotherm, is an innovative insulation method, combining the insulation properties of specially formulated foam with an aluminium composite.

• Foam used in the Eco-versal insulation is a rigid polyisocyanurate construction.
• Aluminium composite is arranged on both sides of the foam to enhance its thermal insulation properties.
• Eco-versal insulation is designed to reduce your carbon emissions.

Double layered foil insulation by Airtec, is another method of insulating a timber floor.

• Brand name ‘Double Bubble’, made from aluminium foil, and resembles a large roll of bubble wrap.
• Increased durability and reduced likelihood of corrosion.
• Works by catching air in between the bubble layers, creating air spaces enhancing the thermal insulation capabilities.

Another method of producing timber floor insulation is using heavy duty polystyrene, in board or strip form.

• Various thicknesses available, from lightweight 25mm to heavy duty 150mm.

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