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Fire Stopping products

Fire stopping products ensure the fire resistant integrity of roofs, walls or floors.

Fire Rated Foam 750ml (with integral applicator)

• Designed to fill smaller gaps and service penetrations in walls and floors, where cabling and pipes are to be fitted.
• Effective fire-resistant bond and sealant when used around the frames of fire doors and windows.
• Recommended for use in gaps up to 4cm (offering 120 minutes of fire integrity).


To provide either a permanent (or more commonly temporary) fire seal encompassing any services that may need to run through fire floors and walls. They are especially useful in places where there is profusion of cabling - for example in an area with several computers or other technological installations. These ingeniously designed pillows are halogen-free and moisture-resistant and provide 120 minutes of fire protection.

Spanatherm Curtain Wall Sealing / Fire Seal Slab Edge.

• Cost-effective Spanatherm fire seal range comprises of a dry fit system allows for a substantial amount of movement whilst at the same time offering high quality fire insulation and integrity
• Acts as a rock fibre movement-joint fire and smoke seal.
• Constructed from tightly packed fibres, backed on both sides with a protective and fire-resistant foil (Class ‘O’ standard) to contain vapours and check the spread of fire.

Spanatherm Z Fixing Clips.

Easy to use Spanatherm Z fixing clips which are supplied in bags of 20 no.

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