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Fire - Plumbing/Heating/Ventilation

An intucollar prevents fire from spreading. It is a powder coated shell made from metal and comes in two halves with a metal hinge. It is lined with an intumescent material and is placed over plastic pipes then mechanically fixed to compartment floors and walls with steel fixings.

• The Intucollar 4hr provides four hours of protection against fire spreading.
• Optional two hour protection with the intucollar 2hr.
• Available from 55 mm through to 200 mm pipe fitments.
• PVC-U pipework needs Intuband 2 hr.

Protect ductwork and kitchen extract ducts from fire with Intuduct Rockwool Slab for Ductwork.

• Available faced or unfaced
• Class 'O' reinforced aluminium foil on one side, ideal above clean rooms or within air plenums

Intuduct Rockwool Foam comes in a 750ml can with applicator.
Bridges 40mm gaps and offers 2 hour fire resistance.

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