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Fire - Flooring

Fire flooring provides a barrier between the room in which it is installed and the floor underneath.

• Particularly important if the original flooring material is flammable, such as wooden floorboards.
• Prevents contact with the flammable material
• Creates an air-tight seal between the fire proof flooring and the wall, using a special mounting joint.

The addition of fixing clips increases the effectiveness of the fire flooring.

• Fixing clips ensure that the wall mount and the fire proof slab are held together tightly as an integrated whole.
• If the distance between the fire proof slab and the wall is greater than 200mm, Spanatherm Z fixing clips are utilised to securely fix the fire proof slab to the mount, thus creating an air-tight seal.
• Spanatherm clips can be used to fix Spanatherm and Instabutt 3 movement joints and vertical movement joints.

Please note that the clips are sold separately (in packs of 20 no) from the flooring slab. Seal slab edge / curtain wall is sold separately from the Z fixing clips.

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