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Fire - Ceilings / Lighting / Electrical

We can supply a range of different fire safety products:

• Fire curtains
• Fire resistant pillows
• Fire rated foam
• Down lighter covers and socket box inserts.

Fire curtains can stop fire spreading between areas for either 30 or 90 minutes, by containing a fire in a specific zone.

• Fire curtains are manufactured from woven glass cloth, which has a special coating that stops fibres from migrating.

To prevent fire spreading through a suspended ceiling, you can install a ‘Wizard’s Hat’ down lighter cover. This creates a fire proof seal around the top of a down lighter, which closes the gaps where a fire could escape.

Seal electrical sockets with socket box inserts are made from class 0 foam, which prevents fire from getting through and complies with fire regulations.

Fire resistant pillows can provide both a temporary and permanent seal to stop a fire spreading. They provide 2 hour protection and are an effective solution in parts of a building where cable regularly needs to be re-routed.

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