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Fire - Block work & Drylining

For fire block work or fire dry lining, INTUBAND 2Hr is an intumescent sleeve for PVC-U Pipework.

• The intumescent sealed plastic sleeve is designed to expand if a fire should occur
• Most often used in the construction of new buildings where there is room around the pipe to install them.

The INTUCOLLAR 2hr is a shell hinged in two halves and is designed to be placed around plastic pipes and hinged to compartment walls and floors.

• The INTUCOLLAR 4hr is a similar product that provides up to four hours' fire protection.

To fill gaps in masonry walls and floors, to help prevent the spread of fire, use the fire rated foam with applicator.

• Can also be used to form a fire resistant bond around doors and windows.
• Moisture curing foam that offers two hours' of protection when fire occurs and adheres to most building materials.

The Spanatherm Fire Seal curtain wall sealing is a dry fit system that is a cost effective and efficient way of stopping fire for any slab edged or curtain wall.

• A strong pre-engineered movement joint fire seal that allows for movement in the structure while retaining fire resistant properties.
• Provides smoke seal and insulation.
• Constructed from a dense fibrous-lamella system, it is faced on both sides with foil to provide a vapour check barrier and a Class O surface flame spread.

For use with the Spantaherm Fire Seal, use Spantaherm Z fixing clips.

• Purchased separately in packs of 20 no

To fill joints, use the Intuspan Intumescent Strip.

• A highly compressible fire retardant joint filler
• Offers up to two hours' fire protection
• Can be used in larger areas where mastic joints are not sufficient,

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