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Membranes & VCLs

Damp proof membranes, used to create an impenetrable border between water and construction materials, are made from recycled polyethylene.

• Manufactured for use within solid concrete ground floors they have an extremely long service life, in fact, the lifetime of a building itself.

• Particularly useful for the prevention of rising damp and mould.

Another type of membrane is the Vapour Control Membrane (VCL), which ensures a building envelope is sealed effectively.

• VCL’s prevent heat loss and helps control ventilation via impermeability and a foil surface, which reflects heat back inside the building.

Radon barriers are sheet membranes made from polythene, used in solid concrete floors to protect against dangerous gases from the ground below, such as radon, carbon dioxide, methane, and water vapour. These barriers will last as long as the building in which they are installed.

• Radon is a carcinogenic radioactive gas.

• Radon is the second most common cause of lung cancer in the United States of America.

• A Radon sheet membrane of only 300 micrometres thickness can prevent dangerous gases penetrating the home.

• Building Research Establishment Certified for use as a gas control membrane on gas contaminated land.

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