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Rubber Mat for Floors

Are you being disturbed by nuisance noise in your own home? Can you hear the television blasting from next door, or loud conversations from the neighbours? Or are you the one guilty of disturbing others with excessive noise? Perhaps you have a dog who never stops barking or your teenagers have turned the spare room into a recording studio. Whatever the problem, there is a soundproofing solution available for your home to help to eliminate or reduce domestic sound pollution.

There are two kinds of sound: airborne and impact. Before you begin soundproofing it is important to determine which type is affecting your property as each requires a different sound insulating material. If you want to soundproof a room as fully as possible, you will need to install materials suitable to reduce both airborne and impact sound. Impact Noise - Thuds, bangs and crashes are created by impact noise, which come about as a result of one object coming into contact with another. It could be heavy footsteps on a wooden floor or your neighbour moving furniture around. Airborne Noise - Airborne noise travels through the air and comes up from the floor below. So when you hear next door's baby crying, a loud film being played on television or someone using the vacuum cleaner it is likely to be airborne noise. Soundproofing Solutions - There are several techniques you can use to reduce sounds transferring up through your floor. Even replacing your wooden floors with a carpet will help. Wooden floors amplify sound vibrations while carpet fabric absorbs them.

An acoustic barrier mat can be placed between two layers of plasterboard on ceilings and walls or placed on the floor. They are available in various sizes and are exceptionally good at blocking airborne sound of most frequencies. You can also purchase acoustic matting for floors. These are made of acoustic layers of barrier mat and feature a resilient chip foam centre. Noise intrusion can be a real misery for those living in flats or terraced houses. It can also be a problem in the work place, particularly if machinery is in operation close by. Most soundproofing solutions are quick and easy to install and will deliver instant results once they are in place.