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Boards have more uses than just blocking up empty windows on damaged and empty properties.

The Eurostrand OSB3 (Oriented Saturated Board) can also be called ‘Sterling Board’:

• Timber based product that is ideal for flooring, roof decking, sarking and sheathing on timber framed buildings.
• OSB3 must be installed as per the manufacturer's instructions to provide optimum performance.
• Available in a range of sizes and thicknesses
• Each board is stamped with the product name, thickness and the legend ‘EN300’ which is proof of its meeting industry approved standards.
• The square edged board should be stacked flat, clear of the floor and kept level.

Always cover the top board to prevent warping.

• The square edge board is easy to cut and can be fixed in place with traditional woodworking tools with no need for specialised equipment.
• If cutting or sanding, use preventative masks to prevent dust inhalation and possible eye irritation
• The board should be fitted in dry conditions if possible.
• All wooden boards will absorb moisture over time, so the board should be acclimatised as much as possible and a movement gap should be left at the edges of all fitting.
• The board may, as will all treated boards, emit small quantities of formaldehyde gas, but this will not affect its usage in anyway and it entirely safe for use in habitation.
• If the board is to be used in areas where there is risk of getting wet, such as bathrooms and kitchens, it should be covered and wrapped to resist moisture and fungus growth.
• It provides a perfect base for linoleum, cork, rubber and vinyl and the correct adhesive should always be used.
• If considering using OSB3 for any purpose, consider your storage and handling capabilities before ordering.

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