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The product known as ‘chipboard’, commonly used by builders is also sometimes called paperboard is in fact a man made material and not a type of wood. It is actually made from paper that is glued together and compressed to form one large mass. It then has adhesive added to give it that resilient and hardy feel. We supply Weyroc Protect 2400mm Chipboard, considered to be a market leading product.

• Weather resistant surface on both its top and underside.
• Can be installed in light rain without suffering major ill effects and can remain watertight in exposed conditions for up to 42 days.
• One of the best 22mm chipboard flooring available
• Can be used with under floor heating.
• Also recommended as being suitable for the application of tiles which is rare for chipboard.

Weyrock P5 Moisture resistant Chipboard has a tongue and groove profile and meets recommendations for new buildings.

• Ideal in dry conditions for domestic flooring but is also suitable for use in damp or humid conditions such as bathrooms or kitchens and provides excellent protection.
• Chipboard is best stored flat to avoid warping and should be protected from extreme weather.
• Chipboard is an effective flooring alternative to concrete or wood but always choose the right grade and make sure it is installed as per manufacturer’s instructions.

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