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Timber wall multifoils:

• SF19 Superfoil Insulation is sized at 1.5m x 12.5m and 40mm per sheet.
• Superfoil is one of the country's best value multi layer foil insulation products.
• Constructed of 19 layers of reflective foil.
• 50+ year life span - extremely resistant to pests, drafts and osmosis.

Superfoil SF40 which is the UK's highest performing multi layer insulation product.

• Ideal for sustainable homes and offers benefits over traditional insulation.
• Minimises roof and wall insulation for space saving.
• SF60 offers all the product benefits of the SF40 and SF19 but comes in larger sizes.

Airtec Double Bubble Foil insulation

• Slightly more economical solution
• Fully certified for wall applications
• Can attain U-Values of 0.27
• Multi layer bubble filled insulation product with aluminium bonding to one or both faces.